Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I am certain he is the one...


It was a beautiful day, honestly,  don't remember most of it, all I knew was you standing next to me smiling like an infant clinging to his favorite toy.

I fell in love with a friend, don't know when.. don't know how. It just happened. I knew the second I met him, it wasn't him.. yes 'wasn't'! He didn't fall on my like list initially.  Whatever he did, my hatred and dislike stood above. Our exchanges were restricted to simple smiles,  some very witty conversations, and other simple chats. I couldn't stand him.
It has been years since I have smiled looking at my phone and he has made it happen. But that's not how I knew I was in love. Underneath that thick head was someone just like me, too screwed up to make sense of the stuff happening around us. He brought me back from the dark place I was in and I hope I did the same for him too. I sat there adoring him and fighting the urge to hug him and stay with him forever. We lived 50 km away, yet, he would never hesitate to be at my doorstep ( PG ). Be it morning or evening or night or even midnight!
Knowing you has changed my life. You have opened up my heart the way I didn't know was possible.
I wanted to find someone I can live with but I ended up finding someone I cannot live without.
He doesn't know what he can do for me. I do.
And no one can treat me like he does. 

There were hard times, but there were merrier times to remember and the hard ones faded away. We fought ( still fight ) mainly because, 
1 ) He picks his nose all the time. 
2 ) He is slow in everything and late all the time.
3 ) He is a bad driver/rider. 

With my caste ( the way I grew up ) being different from his, there were issues convincing our parents. He did not give up though I did many times... and finally, he made it happen. He convinced everybody against all odds and we were all set to get married.  I still cannot forget the day when everything fell into place... ( because I had a moment with my crush at work and I was wearing something which wasn't comfortable )

All arrangements were done from my end and his preparations were never ending with his pace; I didn't interfere. 

We planned a get-together at my place before the wedding to spend time with our close friends since we knew we couldn't share a joke or eat from their plates during our wedding. He( my husband now ) was late here too. It was one crazy party I was ever part of... crazy games, crazy noise, crazy people, crazy hair  (I am a tenacious spirit with wild hair) crazy owner of the place I pay rent for ( she warned us only 4 times ) and crazy freedom. I enjoyed every single bit of it... even the toilet cleaning post the party...  

Marriage isn't just a ceremony, it's a lifetime memory...( I still remember after a year ) And for me this was a dream come true. 

I would like to thank my lovely sister Sujatha Singh, who was the driving force behind all the comfort and happenings. Sorry for all the sleepless nights...and thank you so much...Secondly thanks to my lovely energetic and charming bridesmaids Pavitra and Ajitha for everything. You gals didn't just take part in my ceremony, you made the ceremony colorful and memorable for both of us. Thanks, Sayeesha and Sanjay for making this occasion a sexy one...Oh yeah.. how can I forget the bride gang!! You guys put the stage on fire!! Manu,  thanks for being the handsome host.. and Prabhu what can I say... You are charming and thoughtful as always...Sushma, you brought me tears literally.. thank you for the lovely message. ( They are all people who are closely related to me as family and friends ) 

Thanks to all my friends for the blessings... I want to thank both my families for showering their unconditional blessings and finally my beloved husband Sree Sudhir for the lovely birthday surprise...My wedding is on the 4th of December and my birthday on the 5th; should I be happy that my husband can never forget the anniversary and the birthday or should I be sad that I would be getting one gift instead of two..?

Like every flower so beautiful and bright,
Every moment spent during my wedding was special and memorable.
And finally... clouds began to lighten up and Sun started to shine through... and it continues to be like that...  ( thinking of my debts incurred for the wedding, Sun seemed to fade away and clouds seemed to darken, Earth below also seemed to shatter a little... )

If I could have just one wish, I wish to wake up to your snore every single day and fight with you endlessly throughout the day... 
I Love you Bujji Bangaari without boundaries, for the all the emotions ( anger, irritation, frustration ) I never knew I had...  ( and I still wonder, why did I spend so much on my wedding? )